Website design and branding

We design and build a lot of websites. We see good website design being much more about function than image. Content is always king. You can take it as read our designs makes people sit up and take notice, but they are primarily designed with someone very specific in mind – your customer. If your customers take notice and then take action, you see a real return on your investment.

Our proven design process works:

  • Internet marketing planning and brief improvement process
  • Information architecture
  • User-centred design and usability
  • Physical design and build; accessibility in mind, using W3C compliant code
  • User testing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Internet marketing rollout

The web is a functional place. It’s a self-service environment where people are focused on completing specific tasks, usually as fast as possible. Successful brands on the web are convenient and fast – the web is a wonderful place for brands that understand this and offer real value.

We develop online brands and transfer off-line brands to the web, applying our formula of web sense, consistency, target market appeal and innovation to really make brands shine online.