Content Management Systems (CMS)

Like any other industry buzzword, the term content management tends to change its meaning depending on who is talking. We see content management, at its essence, as placing content back into the hands of the content owners.

This might mean we help you separate your website content from the online presentation, give you the tools to keep your pages current and efficiently publish new content. For more complex business goals, we can help you look at how information flows though you company and put a workflow in place to ensure consistent, timely and on-message content is output to your website and other online publishing paths.

We don’t try and force projects into a bespoke CMS we developed years ago. We take a look at your business needs and then decide on the most appropriate CMS platform. All our solutions are based on open-source software, so you can be sure they will be around and supported in ten years time. Our CMS solutions are coded in PHP, use MySQL databases.

WordPress is our publishing platform of choice, with its focus on web standards and usability. WordPress is also incredibly well supported and rich with 3rd party plugins. For the right applications, WordPress can be a great way to keep your website content organised and accessible. We design custom templates and are experts in coding WordPress to do exactly what your business needs, from a blog supported static site, to cleanly coded e-commerce applications. Think WordPress is just for personal blogs? Well, for a start, this site is built in WordPress!

It all sounds complex, but the bottom line for any of these systems is managing content, managing publishing and providing additional services specific to a website’s audience.